Street art in Bratislava

What is street art?

STREET ART is a translation of street visual art. You find it normally just in public space. Although you often do not realize it, it is almost impossible to avoid it. STREET ART includes, for example, street sculpture or grafiti.

What do you think of graffiti?

With the word graffiti, many people imagine hooligans, destroyed facades of buildings, monuments, and many people do not regard graffiti as art. Often, grafities are shrouded in illegality and vandalism. This is also one aspect of graffiti and i tis reality. The other side is ART grafiti, which is considered to be art.

Graffiti, vandalism or art?

Art-graffiti: The basic difference is that the paintings are usually legal and artistically processed. Thus, graffiti ART is part of street art called STREET ART. Neither do we support illegally sprayed parks and vandalism. We support art. There is a big difference in whether or not it is a custom-made painting. The Tripland Gallery has come up with a theme and around this theme, the best 3D sprayer in Slovakia came up with the motives.

Who are we?

Our museum/gallery is a gallery of graffiti-ART. But not only that, we are a gallery of optical illusions, tricks and entertainment, where you will become part of artwork. We are a gallery that promotes art, not vandalism. Our paintings are truly tailored works of art. If you are a fan of STREET ART or GRAFFITI ART, you need to see it. If you belong to opponents of GRAFFITI ART, we will show you the positive side of this art. We are convinced that after you visit our gallery you will change your mind about legal graffiti painting.