Optical Illusions and Illusions in Bratislava

What are optical illusions and tricks?

Optical illusions and tricks are a way to fool the human eye. Optical illusion is also called visual illusion. It is basically a visual lie. Optical illusion and tricks are caused by the arrangement of individual pictures, in our case the graffiti paintings on the gallery walls. Their arrangement, the arrangement of colors in combination with the proper lighting create misleading visual effects. In our gallery, we built on entertaining optical illusions and tricks and created an artistic and entertaining show for our visitors. Your eyes will see things your brain doesn't understand. Paintings act as 3D effects, in which you become a participant and creator of the visual effect. You will pose, become part of a work of art, the result of which will be recorded by your mobile phone or camera.

Optical illusions
also in Bratislava

Museums and galleries of optical illusions and illusions are gaining momentum in the world. Unlike classic galleries, this species is sought after not only by art admirers but also by children, parents with children, teenagers, even seniors and schools. Classical art is enhanced with a landmark in the form of photos, creativity of visitors and real fun. The atmosphere itself is different. Laughter, fun, fun and joy. We fell in love with graphite, art, optical illusions and illusions and therefore we decided to build a museum of optical illusions in Bratislava.

Museums and galleries of optical illusions and tricks in Slovakia

Similar projects already exist in Slovakia, as in our neighboring countries. The concept of our gallery is unique in its layout and processing. Within the EU, you will find real graffiti and art on walls, such as wallpapers or prints. The Tripland Gallery concept is: orignal hand sprayed originals only and the topic is a trip through the world – therefore the name Tripland. We are a place for all ages. Hanging on your arms from UFA in Bratislava, experience a jungle trip to feed a monkey, pull an ice bear with rope through the Antarctica, have a drink at an alien bar and teenagers can take pictures with stylish pigeon rappers.

Why visit Tripland?

There are many reasons. Admiration of art, enthusiasm for graffiti, program for children, hunting for the perfect photos for you personally or to put on Instagram and Facebook, support of art etc. Our main goal is to have experiences, creativity, positive emotions, fun and laughter.