Top attraction for children and the whole family – Bratislava

A happy child is number one priority for all parents. A happy child is a child for whom there is always something new to see and explore, something new that promotes creativity and is fun. If the child is satisfied, so are the parents.

There are many attractions for children in Slovakia. But some are suitable only in fine weather, others are designed for small children only, others are not suitable for small children. Spending time with a teenager outside home is sometimes very difficult because nowadays it is a challenge to find an attraction for the WHOLE family.


Visit TRIPLAND, an attraction for children, teenagers, adults

A TOP attraction for the family is an attraction that entertains everyone. It doesn't matter if it's raining or it's nice. Whether you are looking for fun, education, creativity or something completely new, you will find everything with us. The Gallery of Optical Illusions and Tricks is fun and an experience for everyone. No one is bored with us.