What is optical art – op art?

Op-art (abbreviated from optical art). It is an artistic direction. The connection of optical illusion is used as an expression that describes how we see individual paintings. The artist creates paintings that look alive or create optical illusions and tricks.

Often terms such as op art or optical visual art are used. But OP ART does not have to be just a part of fine art, because it has many possibilities and ways to achieve optical illusions and tricks. One of the options is 3D graffiti.


The artist creates spray paintings to create optical illusion and tricks. It is real art and demanding art work. Illumination, the distance of a person to a painting, every shade of color and detail play a decisive role in the creation of individual paintings.

Some paintings at first glance may seem blurry, like watching 3D TV without wearing 3D glasses, but when you pose correctly and use the camera, the camera and the person's eyes are literally deceived by optical art. The term trick ART or 3D ART used.

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