About us

Why Tripland?

If you are looking for fun, experiences, photos, optical illusions and tricks, unusual works of art, a museum where you literally become part of the art.

Who we are?

We are a museum, or rather a gallery of optical illusions and tricks in Bratislava. Why visit us? We are a place where you will become part of art and artwork. Create your own artwork. Unforgettable fun expects you and you will take beautiful photos.

O nás
3D sprejer

How does it work?

On the walls of the gallery are sprayed graffiti from the best 3D sprayer in Slovakia, whose services are used by museums, galleries and other customers around the world. Graffities are sprayed so that they feel real and vivid. They are sprayed to create various optical illusions and tricks. In the individual paintings, visitors pose and take pictures. Thus, they become part of an artistic work, but above all i tis an entertaining work of art. This art is called 3D art, trick art.

What can you expect from us?

Emotions, fun for all ages. Families with children, teenagers, adults, school trips, seniors, everyone will come to the Tripland Gallery. There is literally a trip through the world of optical illusions and tricks. A 3D journey through different destinations around the world and a variety of experiences expects you. You will experience a trip to the jungle, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Grand Canyon, and even to space.