3D Paintings in Bratislava

What are 3D paintings?

3D paintings are basically optical tricks. The essence of 3D painting is optical illusions. The artist tries to create individual paintings in such a way that they deceive the human eye and brain. This art is getting more and more popular in the world. People like effects. They like to take pictures of 3D paintings and discover them in various places where they are.

3D painting as graffiti

One option is to create 3D paintings using graffiti. For many people graffiti means facades and cultural monuments illegally sprayed. But graffiti can also be upgraded to 3D-graffiti-art. Of course, it is clear that artists in a 3D gallery do not spray on illegal surfaces and there is a difference between an artist and a classic sprayer. And by far only a few talented sprayer have the capability to spray the picture specially in order to create a 3D effect.

Where to look for 3D paintings

Locations are difficult to find. They are in different places, countries and continents. Traveling can be a great adventure, but also costly. The tip here is to start searching on Google. However, it should be borne in mind that the 3D painting, you want to become a part of, must be specially created for this effect - which is normally not the case in the street. To avoid having to look for 3D paintings, we have created a gallery of 3D graffiti paintings in Bratislava. In one place, you can admire their beauty, become part of it and take advantage of their optical illusions to fool your eyes and the lens of your camera or your smartphone or other device.