Galéria optických ilúzií a klamov v Bratislave

Gallery of optical illusions and 3d tricks in Bratislava


Welcome to the website of the Bratislava Museum of Optical Illusions and 3D Tricks, which we have called Tripland.

In our Tripland gallery you combine fun, creativity, emotions and crazy photos combined with the unique craftsmanship of Dodi Grint, the international 3D graffiti sprayer from Eastern Slovakia.


Art in Tripland

The view of sprayed artwork is beautiful, but even more beautiful is the ability to take photos and create different illusions for your photos.

Imagine pulling a polar bear on a rope, a monkey kissing your very best, or hanging from your hand at the Bratislava UFO restaurant.

All this and much more expects you in our Gallery Tripland.


Tripland = travel to different regions and continents

Tripland is a journey into the world of optical illusions and 3D art in Bratislava. But also a trip to different destinations. Experience a trip to the jungle, Antarctica, Australia, Asia or take a photo of E.T. in an alien bar.

You are the regisseur, conducting your partner, your work colleague, your child how he/she fits into the 3D world or how you find yourself a way as a model in the 3D world - in any case, a lot of fun is guaranteed, creativity is required and all this in combination with best Slovakian graffiti craftsmanship! This combination is unique!

Optical Illusions and 3D Tricks

The Tripland Gallery will guide you into a story. It is a fascinating world where you will not believe with your own eyes. Create eye-catching images.

Even if you may not consider yourself a fan of modern art, you will be surprised how an artist can create such beautiful works of art and optical illusions with sprays.